Profile: Daniel Kehoe

I've been an Internet entrepreneur since 1994 (see my profile on LinkedIn for details). I've been a CTO, I've developed web applications, and I write open source code.

Early Days of the Web

My experience with the web dates from 1991 and, from my perspective, the web is still being invented. Here's a recollection of those early days.

Blogs and Publications

Recently, I've written articles for my blogs:

In the past, I wrote magazine articles and books:

Recent Projects

I'm currently engaged with a stealth project.

Other Projects

Bookport Internet Publishers is a company I founded in 1994 to monetize content on the web, primarily for authors in the self-help and enlightenment industry. It's still active as a side project.

In August 2008, I released the open source Rails RESTful Authentication Example Application.

Where You'll Find Me

I live in Marin County, California, in the village of Forest Knolls. I'm often in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, if you want to meet.